My future: Germany.

Work as a nurse in Germany


You are a qualified nurse and you want to take your future into your own hands?


We offer new perspectives. Come to Germany and work at the highest medical level.


Here we value your competence and offer you the best conditions for a good work-life balance. An adequate payment and consistent training are self-evident.

What are your duties?

Your duties within the care sector includes the unassisted monitoring, consultation, and care of patients in in-patient or ambulatory surroundings. Do you have any specific qualifications or competencies? Any individual focus of your education will be considered and you will be deployed according to your skills

Who are we?

Doceins. We make modern medicine. Together

Doceins stands for medical service performance of the highest quality – this is what we work for every day in our medical centers, medical practices and nursing facilities to ensure the best patient care. At over 100 locations throughout Germany Doceins provides a large proportion of important basic medical care in the disciplines of general medicine, dermatology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, gynecology, ophthalmology and pneumology.

Welcome to our team!

We are looking forward to you. You can show empathy and the wellbeing of our patients is essential for you? You work independently and like being part of interdisciplinary teams? Then Doceins is the perfect match. We approach challenges with passion for our job, show new ways and support – not only in terms of health, but also in our team. Become a part of our success.

Hauptgebäude der Lungenklinik Neustadt
Hauptgebäude der Lungenklinik Neustadt

Your new job location

Welcome to the pulmonary clinic Neustadt/Harz

Our pulmonary clinic in Neustadt / Harz is one of the largest specialized pulmonary clinics in Middle Germany. It can look back on more than 100 years of history and has specialized on the diagnosis and treatment of lung and bronchial diseases since 1950. The specialty hospital is architectural as well as medically technology-based, highly contemporary equipped and certified as a specialized competence and performance center since 2013 with DIN EN ISO 9001. Nowadays it has over 90 beds in comfortable single and double-bedded rooms. A team of 250 employees attends the patients with huge dedication.

What Doceins offers

Focus weaning center

We have specialized on the weaning of long term ventilated patients. Here the independent breathing of the patient is trained. That includes the treatment of the patients disease, the specific care, phases of breathing exercises, mobilization, swallow training and the psychological support of the affected patient. A switch from an invasive to a non-invasive ventilation method is aspired. This gives the patient the chance to be released into their familiar surroundings or a usual nursing environment.

A total of 18 equipped intensive care and weaning places enable the treatment of seriously ill patients. Furthermore, patients with acute respiratory insufficiency, acute kidney failure, sepsis and other diseases requiring intensive care can also be treated in intensive care.

Emphasis of pneumological early rehabilitation

The pneumological early rehabilitation enables the mobilization of severely diseased patients with a pneumological underlying disease and allows the return to an autonomous life.

Nowadays an immobilization can occur as part of lung diseases, especially with severe-diseased patients after intensive medical care therapy. Basic daily routines such as getting up, bathing and eating can no longer be done independently.

This is where the pneumological early rehabilitation steps in to reacquire a normal daily routine leading to an autonomous life again.


Depending on the recognition procedure, it can take up to 5 months before you can start working in Germany.


Fair pay by Doceins 2.900 bis 3.200 euro gross/month

Where you live

Our clinic is located in the middle of the Nationalpark Harz and offers a wide range of recreational and leisure oppportunities with its attractive surroundings.

A job in Germany: What are the requirements?

As a citizen of the European Union you do not need a visa or a permit of residence to work in Germany. Nevertheless, you still need a national accreditation for professional practice. This accreditation can be requested at the responsible job agency in Germany before entering the country or starting your employment at Doceins. It is also possible to already work as a nurse and apply for a German accreditation as a nurse during the transition period.

The following requirements must be met in order for you to be able to work as a nurse in Germany:

We help you with your accreditation!

No matter what obstacles you have to overcome: We will help you along the way!

  • We check your documents
  • Accreditation of conformity of the education
  • Adaptive training
  • Suitability test

Depending on the qualification some of these obstacles might not be necessary. Let us check specifically which of these steps are necessary in your case.

We help you getting started in Germany

  • Moving to Germany
  • Apartment search
  • Registration at the registration office and tax-ID
  • Insurances, health insurance, bank account, energy supply
  • Pre school and school
  • Family reunification

Apply now

The first step to work in Germany is the submission of your CV and your graduation certificate as a nurse. After that we go through all further steps together.

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